1. Assist the Lead Teacher, actively participate in planning and implementing the curriculum and individual needs of the children
  2. Always enter room quietly and respectfully.
  3. When a child arrives in the morning, assistances greet them and engage them in an activity right away of if it is line time, direct them to sit.
  4. Assist the parent with separation and do not leave the child standing senselessly n the classroom.
  5. Be an example for the children. Please do not sit on shelves or tables.
  6. Give lessons that you have had approved by the lead teacher.
  7. When you need to address a child or a teacher on the other side of the room, walk to them, touch them on the shoulder and speak softly to them.
  8. If a child is using the work improperly, quietly ask them to return it to the shelf.
  9. Be firm, but kind. Your room may be video- taped at any time and shown to a parent later.
  10. Avoid power struggles with the children.
  11. We do not use the words “time out”, but if a break from the activities is deemed appropriate, a child may be asked to sit quietly. The time frame should be limited to one minute per year or age.
  12. For employers who have children at the center you must follow our guidelines of discipline with your own child while you are at the center. You must comply with the Minimum Standards.
  13. Make certain that your classroom has the supplies needed, and that you restore your environment. If you need to make copies or get supplies or materials, this needs to be taken care of at naptime.
  14. Staff need to dress professionally. New staff should introduce themselves.