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Abby Liu
April 21, 2020

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What Parents Have To Say About Cypress Montessori


Lanny Hayes

“ Cypress Montessori has been incredible for our kids. Both of mine started there at age 1, and received exceptional care and education along the way. Mark and Ginger bring a family atmosphere to everything they do there, and we've been lucky to have them and their teachers as a part of our kids' lives. Prices are reasonable, and well worth it for what you get in return. I've recommended them to family friends (who also go there) and they say they've also had a positive experience. ”

Laura Warner

“ I have had my daughter at Cypress Montessori since she was 4 years old i wish i would have brought her sooner. They have great summer activity to keep her active which i love!!!! ”
Sole Lynds

Sole Lynds

“This school has been pretty good for my child, it is not only the school job to bring kids to success it is a team work and the education start at home. Miss Melissa has been patient and care to my little boy and there is something need to appreciate every single second of my life.”
Jaime Flores

Jamie Flores

“ Have had my two children in this school for years. They're like extended family. Would recommend .”
Fredrick Moreno

Fredrick Moreno

“ Have both my kids here, teachers are great, management/owners are very friendly. We came here after a bad experience at a large franchise school(children's learning academy). Both kids love the teachers, and show up to school excited to be there! ”
Kristin Haney

Kristin Haney

“ By far the best decision I ever made for my son. Caring staff. Organized and clean. Great family owned school. Would not change a single thing. ”