Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

At Cypress Montessori School, we provide the highest quality of early childhood education. We foster competent, responsible and adaptive students by implementing the American Montessori Society standards and curriculum. We engage children through the senses, educational opportunities in academics, a variety of Montessori activities and enrichment programs. We strive to more authentically put Maria Montessori’s philosophy into practice.


Cypress Montessori School is a family- oriented, welcoming Houston private school in the Cypress community. We believe in creating an environment of respect. At Cypress Montessori School, grace and courtesy are essential for creating a peaceful classroom in which everyone is respected and appreciated. Communication to us is of upmost importance. We make sure to inform parents of each child’s progress or well-being via email, phone call, personal contacts, daily reports, parent- teacher conferences, or social media on a daily basis.

We set our standards high. We provide a vigorous academic and enrichment programs directed by dedicated, qualified and certified Montessori teachers and instructors. We value and respect each child’s individuality by allowing each child to learn at their own pace. We help children become confident, happy and independent by addressing each child’s and parent’s feelings and needs. Most of our preschool and kindergarten graduates obtain a solid foundation of reading, writing, mathematics, geography, sciences, cultural awareness, mental aptitude and a love of lifetime learning when entering into private or public schools.

We provide nutritious foods and snacks. We make sure to fuel your child’s growth and development by providing nutrient- dense foods- such as carbohydrates, fruits, protein, dairy and fats. We aim to limit your child’s calories from added sugars.  Also, we provide a sanitary, healthy and clean environment. We make sure that each classroom is sanitized and disinfected every day.